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Gandiva Archery

Last Saturday, I drove my mom to Parañaque and just in the nick of time I saw Patrick's text message for everyone - a last minute invitation to watch French Film Festival at Shangri-La Mall Ortigas. Of course! Why not? So, we all set the time and place to meet and went to Shangri-La. We ate lunch first and hurried to catch the 2pm movie -Le mariage à trois (2010) (The Three-way marriage). If you want to know my comment about this movie I can't say.. just watch it but we overheard one of the becky inside the cinema said "parang sleepy hollow..." Hahaha!

Le mariage à trois (2010)
(Photo courtesy of Google.com)

We (Patrick, Jericho and Me) tried to catch the next movie at 4:30pm however, the line was too long and we weren't able to get in. We walked around contemplating on what to do to kill 4 hours of time to watch the next movie. I texted some friends who live around the area asking on what to do in Ortigas and one of them suggested ARCHERY!!!! as in BOW and ARROW! I thought I was being made fun of but Oamar was serious and told me there is an ARCHERY RANGE in Ortigas. So, we waited for him and we all went together.


We waited a couple of minutes and talked to the people there about archery. It was quite interesting, the place was packed. A lot of people are learning archery and mostly young adults (including US). I was feeling a bit embarrassed cause my outfit was not for archery, I looked like I just got out of bed and went out to buy vinegar. (Geezzz!) Anyway, it doesn't matter cause I was so excited to try archery.

The target
The Target: Distance 10 meters

One of the guys told us that in the Olympics it is 90meters. WOW! I won't see the target by that distance. The most important and founding director of Gandiva Archery was there to show his skills and inspire young people like US to try archery.
Tim Bismark
Mr. Tim Bismark - Don't be fooled, age doesn't have anything to do with it. It is all about accuracy and consistency.

So, we all geared up and started singing Everything I do, I do it for you by Bryan Adams (OST of Robin Hood - The Prince of Thieves) Hahaha! okey so we started learning and shoot arrows!

Me trying archery  Patrick, Me and Oamar
One of the instructor patriently teaching me and telling me not to worry cause I was too afraid that the string would scratch my face :)

Gandiva Archery Range Bows
Gandiva Archery Range and the Bows - they are heavy than it looks!

Me - shooting arrows   Oamar, Me and Patrick
I'm no cupid dear.. Hahaha! By this time we were already on our own. :) - Oamar, Me, Patrick and Jericho (taking the photo).

with Mr. Tim Bismark Oamar, Me and Patrick
With Mr. Tim Bismark and the archers team - Oamar, Me, Patrick and Jericho (our photographer for the day)

I am proud to say that before our session ended I hit the yellow target! Move over Katniss Everdeen! Hahaha!

Here are some cool female archers

Female Movie Archers Park Sung Hyun - Korean Archer 2008 Beijing Olympics
(Photo courtesy of Google.com)

To know more about Gandiva Archery Range
visit their site:
or you may go to:
7/F One Corporate Center Building
Julia Vargas St. cor Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Email: info@gandiva.com.ph
Digits: +63 2 5719000  loc 125

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